What you need to know before you get the Ponytail Lift

Before any non-surgical procedure, it’s important to have all of your questions answered by your doctor to make sure you’re a good candidate for whatever it is you want to do to achieve your cosmetic goals in the safest and healthiest way possible. So, if you’re thinking about getting the trending “Ponytail Lift”, here’s exactly what you need to know to help you prepare.

1. Your Cosmetic Surgeon’s experience is most important

The very first step to your Ponytail Lift non-surgical journey is to pick the right Cosmetic Surgeon. Although this procedure is non-surgical, it’s not something you should rush into without the necessary research. Take your time to look into this at home, narrow down your options, and schedule a consultation with the most knowledgeable and experienced Cosmetic Surgeon you can find.

2. It’s normal to feel a little nervous

Getting pre-procedure jitters is a completely normal feeling for anyone to experience, especially when it’s something you’ve never done before and that’s why choosing a knowledgeable and reliable Cosmetic Surgeon is most important in this process. Having your Cosmetic Surgeon walk you through all the steps for pre and post procedure expectations will help calm your nerves and make you feel confident in your decision.

3. You’ll still look like yourself

When you look at yourself immediately after you’ve gotten the ponytail lift, your results can look aggressively high (some patients like or want that look) but it’s essential to know that the threads do settle in, and your eyebrows/eyes will not look as dramatic a couple of days post procedure.

4. Results can last up to 1 year

The Ponytail Lift results typically last around nine to twelve months because the threads are absorbable and not permanent. The threads utilized are holding your tissue in place temporarily and relying on your body to produce the necessary collagen to maintain that lift or “Fox Eye” effect.

5. It’s a quick procedure that only takes 20-30 minutes

From start to finish, the procedure takes around 20 minutes – Your total visit at your doctor’s office should take anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour when taking into consideration numbing, going over your result goals, and taking before and after photos.

6. The threads are not removable

The threads utilized for the Ponytail Lift are absorbable but not removable and it’s fundamental to know this before deciding whether or not to get it down. These threads have tiny barbs attached that will grip to your tissue and hold it in place, which ultimately means you can’t just slide them out like you could if they were smooth. The good news is, if the results are higher than you wish, the threads can be undone at your doctor’s office without taking the threads out – It’s also a benefit to leave them in because they do stimulate collagen which is only a win-win!

7. There is a limit to how many Ponytail Lift’s you can get in a year

There is a limit to how many times you can get the Ponytail Lift done in a year. If you think about it, there’s a limited area that you’re placing the threads in and you wouldn’t want to continually place new ones if the original threads are still in place. If you’ve had the PonytaIl Lift done and you had a really nice outcome but you’d ideally want your results to be slightly more enhanced, you can re-do the procedure every quarter if applicable to your certain case.

8. Telling your doctor what you wish your results to look like is key to achieving your cosmetic goals

When you’re at your Ponytail Lift consultation, the first thing you should go over with your Cosmetic Surgeon is what direction you would like your eyebrows to be lifted in. Preference in shape differs from person to person. Some people want their brow to be shaped completely straight up, while others want them a little angled or to the side completely. Your doctor designs how they’ll be placing the threads based on your preference so having this conversation is essential.

9. The area where the threads are placed will maintain a natural lift due to collagen production

The actual threads used with the Ponytail Lift procedure produce a lot of collagen themselves, which is great news because this means that even when the actual threads dissolve, the pull or as some like to call the “Snatch” will maintain in the temple and upper forehead area due to the collagen production. This means that even though results do settle down and are less dramatic as time goes on, the area will be enhanced permanently due to collagen building up in that area.

10. The Ponytail Lift incisions do not leave a scar

Lastly, it’s important to know that although the Ponytail Lift does require four tiny incisions in the temple area, they leave no scar at all – The access point through which the threads are inserted is completely microscopic and closes up smoothly and instantly as soon as the threads are in place.

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