Vegas Cosmetic Surgery 2013 Meeting

Dr. Patel and her physician assistant Nicole Chase just returned from the 2013 Multi-Specialty Aesthetic Conference held at the beautiful Bellagio Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. This meeting fosters cooperation and sharing between 4 different specialties including Plastic Surgery, Facial Plastic Surgery/Ear Nose Throat, Dermatology, and Oculoplastic Surgery.

Each specialty brings a different approach to common problems, such as drooping eyelids for example. By sharing the latest technique, developments, and products used by each specialty, all of the participating surgeons improve their understanding and expand the options they can provide to patients.

Dr. Patel places high importance on offering the most up-to-date treatments, while maintaining strict safety precautions, and finds this type of collaborative meeting to be an exciting way to share ideas and learn from complementary specialties.

Last year Dr. Patel was a speaker at this meeting, discussing her preferred technique for facelifts. This technique provides an effective yet natural-looking facelift, in particular avoiding a “done” or pulled look. Nicole Chase, PA-C, attended the meeting to specifically focus on current and new laser treatments and injectable techniques, and compare knowledge and results from studies done by the various specialties.

You can count on Dr. Patel and Nicole to stay current, continually seek out ways to improve what they can offer patients, and ultimately exceeding their patients’ expectations. Happy patients make for a happy doctor and physician assistant.

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