Summer Buns!

From smooth tight skin to better shape and volume, Dr. Patel and her team have the answers to get your buns in shape for the summer.

With summer comes the sunshine and heat, leading to more post-workout breakouts and the need for hair-free skin.

Often neglected, a good looking pair of buns starts with the skin. To clear breakouts and improve the texture and tone of the skin, Roxspa aesthetician Jennifer C. will perform a focused “buttock facial”, including exfoliating, performing extractions, and soothing the skin.

To stay bikini ready and avoid skin irritation from shaving, laser hair reduction can be performed by physician assistant Nicole, on the buttocks and/or bikini line in the style of your choice. If you have stretch marks or sagging, Nicole can also perform skin tightening with the Accent radiofrequency treatment, or ultherapy ultrasound treatment.

Over the last several years there has been a rise in popularity of full round buttocks, with an increasing request to have buttocks like Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lopez.

If increased volume or more rounded shape is your goal, Dr. Patel offers Brazilian butt lifts, or fat transfer to the buttocks, or buttock implants in appropriate candidates. Dr. Patel offers complimentary cosmetic consultations to discuss an overall care plan for your buttocks, or other areas of concern.

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