Reuse Juvederm Syringe for Future Injections?

I have had Juvederm injected in my horizontal forehead lines by a plastic surgeon in Dec. They said they used a half of the syringe and I could come back in six months for another set of injections with the remaining product in the syringe.

I read on your forum this should not be done. Is this standard? In addition, I felt that the injection sites were too few and lumpy. Any suggestions or comments. Thank you.

Typically an experienced injector can estimate how much filler you will need for any given area before beginning the procedure.

If you know you only need half of a syringe to start, you can just buy a smaller volume to begin with. Then if you need more you can come back and buy more. The product is sterile until it is opened. One it is opened and used, it is no longer technically sterile.

I personally would not save a syringe for six months. I do think it is reasonable to keep the product around for a couple weeks if you have some left over and may do a touch-up on the follow-up visit. If that is done, to avoid potential contamination, I recommend removing the needle used, recapping the syringe, and using a new needle on the second injection.

It is also important to keep that syringe clearly marked with the patient name. Regarding the lumpy and irregular appearance, that is related to your injector’s judgment and technique. First, the treatment needs to be appropriate to solve the problem. For example, Botox is typically used to soften horizontal forehead lines.

Really deep lines may not be fully corrected and may be addressed with filler. If filler is chosen, it much be injected with proper technique to be successful, and avoid irregularities like those you describe. The bottom line is choose your injector carefully!

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