Restylane Silk ® FDA Approval

Restylane Silk ® is a new FDA approved injectable filler for the lips and peri-oral region. Dr. Patel’s practice is one of the first in Beverly Hills to offer this latest product. While it has been used extensively outside of the United States, it is now available for use here. The product consists of hyaluronic acid, as in many other fillers, however it is unique in that it is specifically designed for the lips and wrinkles around the lips. Dr. Patel has had rave reviews from the early use of this product, and finds it is able to offer beautiful lip augmentation and rejuvenation of the entire area around the mouth with much less of the product needed compared to its competitors.

Before and after using 1 cc of Restylane Silk®, in lips, marionette lines (lines going down from corner of mouth), and lower part of nasolabial folds.

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