Michelle Obama’s Arms

Ever since First Lady Michelle Obama brought fit arms into greater awareness, it has been reported that that taut, fit arms have become a national obsession.

Plastic surgery for improving the aesthetics of ones arms has long existed, but has seen a rise in popularity. Part of this rise is thought to be from more women simply paying attention to their arms, and seeing numerous examples of well-toned arms in the media from Michelle Obama, to Jennifer Anniston, to other celebrities.

Women now make it a priority to include arm exercises in their fitness regimen, and when that isn’t working, turn to plastic surgeons for help. Also, there is an interest in arm surgery from the growing number of massive weight loss patients. These are patients who have lost weight either through weight loss surgery, or good old diet and exercise.

After accomplishing the huge task of losing the weight and maintaining a stable weight, they are left with the insult of loose hanging skin, a constant reminder of their former selves. While patients can effectively improve the tone and shape of the underlying muscles, the skin does not necessary respond or cooperate.

In this circumstance, the best option is often an arm lift, or brachioplasty, to remove the excess skin, leaving behind in its place a scar along the inner arm from the underarm region to the elbow. In 2012, over 15,000 arm lifts were performed, compared to about 300 performed in the year 2000.

For lesser degrees of concern, and especially if the issue is excess volume and not so much excess skin, liposuction is an effective alternative. Read more about brachioplasty here.


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