Dr. Patel at IMCAS in Paris

Dr. Patel was an invited speaker at the IMCAS Paris meeting held at the Palais de Congres in Paris, France in January. IMCAS, or International Master Course on Aging Skin, holds an annual meeting in Paris, and brings together plastic surgeons and dermatologists from around the world. Dr. Patel gave a talk on medical spas, which have become increasingly popular in plastic surgery offices.

While plastic surgery can reposition tissues and improve the contour of the body, skin care is still an essential component to looking your best. One does not replace the other, although excellent skin care and non-invasive treatments can hopefully delay the need for more invasive methods of rejuvenation.

Dr. Patel’s offices in Beverly Hills and Newport Beach each have a medi-spa on site, offering laser treatments, Ultherapy ultrasound treatments, radiofrequency treatments, as well as Botox and fillers

Dr. Patel performs many of the treatments herself, and also has a team of excellent nurses and physician assistants for a wide range of services, as well an aesthetician on-site for an extensive menu of facials.

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