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Liquid Makeover by Anita Patel MD

What is a Liquid Makeover?

Dr. Patel’s signature nonsurgical procedure! It starts with is a comprehensive analysis of your entire face, looking at your individual features, and how each feature relates to and affects the appearance of the other features.

It is then followed by a nonsurgical treatment using injectable fillers and neurotoxins to reshape, rebalance, and enhance facial features individually, and facial beauty and harmony as a whole.

How is it different from a Liquid Facelift?

The Liquid Makeover is much more than simply adding volume to the cheeks (which unfortunately, when done poorly, only makes one look older and resemble a chipmunk) and smoothing out a few wrinkles.

The Liquid Makeover is a more of a whole-face approach, using artfully placed filler and neurotoxins to rebalance your facial features in 3D, to make your best ones more prominent, and beautify areas you dislike. This is done through using select products for specific locations and specific goals.

In other words, it involves custom combinations of fillers and neurotoxins, in precise amounts, and exacting locations. Dr. Patel’s less is more approach is used to very specifically enhance your features, adding volume only if and when needed.

Through her technique she can create a lifting effect, smooth out transition areas, smooth contour irregularities, create natural highlights to your face, enhance specific regions, and even give the impression of weight loss.

The key is Dr. Patel’s comprehensive and cohesive vision and plan.

You still look like you, just the best you you can be. One of Dr. Patel’s favorite moments is when the patient sees how they look afterwards. For the whole office team, helping you feel good in your own skin is beyond rewarding.

What makes it different from the typical “getting fillers”?

The Liquid Makeover is the very opposite of cookie-cutter beauty, where all patients are given the same looking nose or lips or cheeks. Instead, every feature is analyzed individually, and in relation to one another, and the face as a whole. It’s all about the quality of what is done, not the quantity used.

Beautiful effects are not necessarily related to how much product is used. In fact, Dr. Patel can often use less of a product and get superior results. The ability to create such amazing results requires an understanding of how a subtle change in one feature affects how the entire face looks.

It requires paying attention to how light hitting the face from different angles will influence how the features are perceived. It requires a knowledge of what is truly natural beauty, versus contours, shapes, and proportions that are artificially created and not found in nature.

It requires paying attention to how the features look when you move your face, smile, etc, since the goal is to create real-life beauty, not just contours that look good in a selfie, but strange in real life or if you decide to smile.

These are all factors Dr. Patel considers during the Liquid Makeover, and she is very passionate and discerning about what constitutes “good work.”


Conditions that can be addressed:

-Forehead wrinkles
-Drooping brow
-Undereye hollows (“tear trough deformity”)
-Undereye bags
-Flat cheek contour
-Nasojugal lines (the slanted line you see mid cheek)
-Facial volume loss in general (with aging or weight loss)
-Sagging jowls
-Loss of philtral columns or cupids bow
-Loss of lip shape
-Thin lips
-Deflated lips
-Lip feathering
-Lip wrinkles
-Upper lip wrinkles
-Gummy smile
-Downturned smile
-Droopy corners of the mouth
-Chin wrinkles
-Lack of Jawline definition
-Small chin
-Lack of chin projection
-Marionette lines from corners of the mouth towards chin
-Dimpled chin
-Asymmetric nose
-Crooked nose
-Hump on the nose
-Drooping nose
-Contour irregularities of the nose
-Prominent masseter muscles
-Teeth grinding
-Facial disproportion
-Facial asymmetry
-Wrinkled earlobes


What to expect

First, you will meet with Dr. Patel to go over your concerns, discuss how you see yourself now, versus how you would like to see yourself. Some patients have specific and exact things they want to change, and others simply come in knowing they want to refresh, yet have no idea where to start.

Both are okay.

Next, Dr. Patel will go through your medical history, do a focused physical exam, and take photos of your face from various angles with or without expression.

Then, together you will look at your face on the large iPad Pro, and Dr. Patel will explain point by point what changes she believes will bring out the best in you, creating a refreshed, rejuvenated, and beautiful look.

She will then go over the risks of the above procedures, the post-treatment care, activity restrictions, etc, and then give you time to ask questions.

Next the Patient Care Coordinator will review pricing for the proposed treatment plan, and allow you to decide what fits your budget and schedule.

Prior to the treatment, you will then fill out consent forms, have photos taken in the Photo Room, and have topical numbing cream applied to the treatment areas. (Some patients opt to skip the numbing cream, and that is your choice.)

After allowing time for this to take effect, the skin will be cleansed free of cream, cooled with gel ice packs, and prepped for injection. When multiple areas are being treated, the numbing cream is left on for areas not being immediately addressed, so that your comfort is maximized.

Dr. Patel will pause during the treatment and show you the changes as she goes, if so desired. Your treatment may also be done in stages (more than one visit), and Dr. Patel will explain if this is recommended for you in particular and why.

Following completion of the Liquid Makeover, after photos will be taken on the iPad to show you the immediate side by side comparison, and subsequently taken in the Photo Room to ensure consistent lighting for comparison.

Your next visit will be at 2 weeks for assessment and touchup if desired or recommended, or additional treatment if that is part of the plan.


What if I have a limited budget?

We totally get that sometimes the “I want it all” feeling is not supported by one’s current financial situation, and we are happy to help you navigate to the best you given your current situation.

Once Dr. Patel has created a custom plan for you, the Patient Care Coordinator will meet with you to go over pricing, both as a total, and if done in separate steps. With a limited budget, the best approach may be to split the plan up into financially manageable segments, targeting what bothers you the most first, and/or what will provide the “biggest bang for your buck” first.


How many products/ units/ syringes will I need?

Each filler has very specific properties. Some are thicker or bulkier, and more resistant to being compressed by the tissues, and are better to use for specific things like adding chin projection or adding a lift to the cheeks.

Other fillers are softer and give more of a plumping effect, which would be great for the lips but not for the undereyes, for example. Other areas are very fine and great for use under the eye where the skin is thin.

These are just a few examples of why what is used matters. If you have 3 areas to be addressed, Dr. Patel may recommends 3 different fillers, it is because she is choosing what product is ideal for creating the changes she envisions for you. On the other hand, it is also possible you have 3 areas to address and each requires a filler with the same properties, in which case one type may be suitable for all.

If Dr. Patel recommends a variety and you want to use one filler instead, is it possible? Yes. Will it give exactly the same result or duration of results? No, but this still may be your preference if it is the only one that fits your budget.

Since Dr. Patel already prefers minimizing the amount of product, trying to use less will only lessen the success of the effect you are aiming to achieve.


Risks of filler

Pain, swelling, bruising -These are a normal part of healing, and are not actual risks.

They occur to varying degrees based on how much is work done, where it is done, medications or lifestyle choices of the patient, and an individual’s own natural characteristics like easy bruising or swelling or sensitive skin, etc.

Palpable lump or bump, contour irregularity, asymmetry. -These things can happen, and are treatable. Typically a palpable lump can be felt during the swollen or healing phase, and then is soft afterwards. However, if it is not, then the area can be manually compressed by Dr. Patel and this is often all that is needed to smooth it out.

If however there is what seems to be a lump of filler that does not respond to manual pressure, then a dissolving enzyme can be injected, or if it is felt to be more related to your body forming a scar or granuloma, then steroid can be injected. The good news is Dr. Patel likes to see her patients in followup visits and these issues can be managed if and when they arise.
Vascular compromise, loss of skin, blindness.

These are the most serious complications and may or may not be reversible. Prompt recognition and diagnosis are optimal for chances of recovery, but there is no guarantee of reversal. While these are not common, they can still occur, even in the best of hands, following all of the usual safety protocols.


Treatment Comfort Level

Sensitivity to injections varies patient to patient, but with the topical numbing provided and Dr. Patel’s gentle touch, most patients sail through the treatment quite easily, especially when seeing the changes effected during the treatment.

Also, Dr. Patel uses other things like icing with a silicone gel icepack to prevent bruising, and provide some additional anesthetic effect. She also offers the use of a cosmetic vibrator to provide a distraction from the needlesticks, which has been a big hit with patients.

In addition, the team offers a hand to hold (literally) during the treatment as needed, and also a squeezy ball to grasp if you’re nervous or need something to do during the injections.

Dr. Patel also will change the needle tips as needed since the fine needles she uses can get dulled after passing through the skin several times.

The bottom line- we want you to be as comfortable as possible. Some of our long-time patients even opt for no numbing since they feel Dr. Patel’s gentle touch doesn’t require it.


Recovery Instructions

Try to let the areas just be, for at least 48 hours. No exercise or facials or massages for 48-72 hours after injection. If the nose was treated, no sunglasses.

If the lips were treated, nothing that puts stretch or pressure on the lips (dental appts, kissing, sucking on straws, etc) Minimize the use of any blood thinning agents or excessive alcohol, as these can worsen bruising.


There is not a specific downtime that applies to all patients. Some patients don’t bruise at all and look great right away. Most have a small degree of immediate redness or swelling at the injection sites simply from the needle, and that is temporary and short-lived.

Some degree of swelling will occur with all filler. The most noticeable area when swelling occurs is the lips, and lip swelling is typically at it’s worst the night of the treatment, and subsides the next day. For that reason, if lip fillers are involved, we recommend having the procedure done on a night that you don’t have plans to be out and about.

For other treatment areas, the visibility of the swelling is minimal and unlikely to restrict your plans. While bruising is not common, if you have it, it can take up to 7-10 days to resolve (and in rare cases even longer when under the eyes or on the nose).

The good news- there is a treatment offered in office that helps lessen bruising if you want it to go away faster.


How long will it last

Depends on what is used where. Longer acting fillers like Restylane Lyft and Voluma will stick around for 1-1.5 years without touchups, and up to 2 years if you get a touchup after the initial injection.

Fillers placed in areas with little movement, like the tear trough or under eye area, typically last 1 year. Lip filler can last anywhere from 6-12 months depending on what product is used, and maybe even longer. Often, the first appointment lays the foundation and smaller touchup treatments are done as needed or as desired.


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