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Surgical Face Procedures
in Beverly Hills

Your facial appearance can have an incredible impact on your self esteem, self confidence, and the way that others see you. Feeling youthful and attractive is a primary goal of many people who seek surgical facial procedures, but changing too drastically can have a negative effect on self perception. Looking like an entirely different person is rarely a positive experience.

Dr. Anita believes that it’s important to stay you – just the very best version of you that you can be. She works closely with patients to understand their desired results, how they see themselves, which of their features they are proud of, and which of their features cause them insecurity. She analyzes her patient’s features separately and as a whole, using this harmonized approach to create surgical outcomes that are gorgeously natural-looking and showcase a patient’s natural beauty, allowing them to feel beautiful and confident in their own skin. This “less is more” approach is perfect for not only the red carpet, but main street as well.

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